Innovative Solutions for Water Quality, Usage and Supply

Alberta's water challenges are global water challenges. Quality, supply, access and use are all issues.

The University of Alberta is a leader in developing solutions to local, regional and global water challenges. 

Multidisciplinary Expertise

The Water Initiative brings together the interdisciplinary capacity of more than 100 researchers whose work spans resource economics, water treatment, toxicology and microbiology, northern and cold weather research, ecosystem biology, energy and the environment, water policy, nanotechnology and sensors.

Our goal is to equip the next generation of thinkers, policy makers, scientists and leaders with a holistic understanding of the integrated nature of challenges in water quality, usage and supply. 


  1. Creating a Picture of Alberta's Water Future

    September 12 2014

    Troy Media, September 7, 2014 - Alberta relies on water like no other province in the country. In fact, Alberta's water use accounts for two-thirds of Canada's entire use, and our agricultural products - which account for 60 to 70 per cent of Alberta's water use - make up one-third of the country's agricultural exports. Fully half of the province's gross domestic product is predicated on water availability. To minimize the risk attached to such water dependency, important work is quietly underway to help Alberta plan for future uncertainties.

  2. Report from the WatIF conference at Queen’s University: supporting new water researchers early in their careers

    May 29 2014

    PhD candidate Eva Bogdan shares her experience of the recent Water Initiative for the Future (WatIF) conference at Queen's University.

  3. Public Event: Citizen Science: a greener world where science gets social—June 10

    May 26 2014

    Join iconic environmental scientists Kamaljit Bawa and David Schindler to hear how science and communities are coming together to address environmental issues too big to handle alone.

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