Alberta lakes and mountains

The University of Alberta Water Initiative brings together researchers from across campus to participate in multi-disciplinary water projects funded by grants, donations or sponsored contracts.  We also work with institutions around the world.

The multi-disciplinary approach is enabled by the University of Alberta's extensive water research capacity.  We have researchers from engineering, nanotechnology, public health, environmental and natural resource economics, law and business and scientists in biology, chemistry, geology and hydrology all working on water related issues.


To provide leadership, research and teaching expertise for industry, government and non-governmental organizations seeking innovative solutions for water quality, use and supply.


  • To increase water research capacity and magnify its impact through new local, national and international projects and partnerships that address local and global challenges.
  • To bring new perspectives to water challenges that Alberta shares with other jurisdictions.
  • To train the next generation of leaders in water-related science, policy and innovation.
  • To contribute to an enhanced global understanding and dialogue on water challenges.

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