Why Alberta

Alberta is a microcosm of all the major global issues surrounding water demand, supply and quality. Alberta's water challenges are global challenges.

It has vast amounts of unspoiled wilderness, glaciers, wetlands, boreal forests, grasslands, and extensive river and lake systems that sustain vibrant plant and animal biodiversity. These resources contribute to an exceptional quality of life for its citizens and exceptional life experiences for visitors from around the world.

But Alberta is also faced with the challenges of a changing climate and reduced water supply for its rapidly growing urban populations and its small rural communities alike. Alberta also has extensive and growing water demands associated with societal demands; energy production from fossil fuel (oilsands and coal) processing; and the agricultural sector, including southern, semi-arid regions that are highly dependent on irrigation.

Alberta is committed to the rights and participation of First Nations people in all matters of environmental stewardship, sustainability and development.

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