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Water Initiative Steering Group

Chair:  Lorne Babiuk

|  Vic Adamowicz  |  Nick Ashbolt  |  Mohamed Gamal El-Din  |  Greg Goss  |  Ben Rostron  |


Water Initiative researchers are leaders in creating practical and workable solutions that will ensure and promote access to clean and safe water for all, regardless of where they live in the world, while at the same time ensuring ecosystem health, and food and energy production.

More than 100 researchers are studying water-related topics including resource economics, water treatment, toxicology and microbiology, northern and cold-weather research, ecosystem biology, energy and the environment, water policy, nanotechnology and sensors.

These researchers are distributed among more than 35 university departments including Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science; Civil & Environmental Engineering; Human Ecology; Native Studies; and Renewable Resources, to name a few.

An example of water research being conducted at the University of Alberta is oil sands tailing water treatment. In the video below, our Steering Group member Dr. Mohamed Gamal El-Din gives a brief overview on his oil sands tailings water research.

The University of Alberta has invested more than $46 million over the last 15 years in water research infrastructure including analytical facilities, research field stations, unique pilot plants, extensive experimental farm and ranchland holdings, and long-standing partnerships with industries in Canada and around the world, with government and with international collaborators.

The Water Initiative is committed to training and inspiring a new generation of scholars to solve the water-related challenges of today and tomorrow.